this site contains three parts. three parts of me which I decided to put together because it’s all me.
first part is expressive. totally mine. purely mine.
the second one is business part, in order to survive in material world, because it’s necessary, too. but it’s still mine.
the third part is ambitious in a way. it’s part of my believes. because I believe in love.
so I put those three together. put all of them into me. into one insight made of three parts. because of the sublimation. because I am trying to sublimate myself. 



Ljubavni proizvod

me about me

Nina Đurđević

today is a good day to write about myself. actually, each day is different to write about myself. everything changes, yet remains the same. I have same reasons and urges, but now they are a little clearer, deeper. the motivation is also here, it’s light. passion is always present. intensifying.  moving.
it is a beautiful thing.
and I tend to be beautiful human. sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. but, I keep trying. photography helps me a lot, it seems like it gradually and thoroughly reveals me.
and then we both enjoy it. the little spark which appears every time I am ready to accept the gift.
thank me for myself in you through us 🙂


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