Roles, 2008

This is my most demanding exhibition so far. And most intimate. I even had to think about it:).

Anyways, it had been concluded that it would be the best if I wrote an opening line myself in order to present subject verbally. Guiding taught is connected with graduation from the university and ending of a particular period of life. No, it does not mean that I will become serious:). I am just putting a closure. Review. I needed it. To close some doors and to open another. I hope I am actually doing so..

I wanted to describe my important roles, who I am in daily life. A daughter, a friend, playful childish child, serious businesswoman:), photo-someone, .. sister ( ? ). Because all of us are more-less surrounded by many daily life roles and sometimes we forget essential one, the most beautiful. The role of Love. Just a minute ago I figured that I maybe wanted to put this exhibition in order to see which of the roles is me by most. The answer is a little ethereal..a little visual..Experient? Let it be unanswered…